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Anonymous asked:

Mmmm a good woman has to be able to suck a mean cock, no?




A good woman doesn’t have to be able to do anything related to a man or his wishes. Doing something for a man (well or otherwise) isn’t what makes a woman good.

Sure, good women can suck a cock, but good women don’t have to be able to, nor do they have to at all.

Women don’t owe men anything, good women or otherwise.

Plus, plenty of lesbians are good women and a majority of them probably don’t know how to suck a cock.

And finally, I really am sick of this expectation that men have that women owe them fellatio. That women are automatically expected to enjoy sucking cock, or even if they don’t enjoy doing it, they’re just expected to do it anyway. And at the same time, guys are allowed to squick out of eating pussy without women calling them out on that crap. It’s gotten to the point that I have to disclose my history of sexual assault and rape to get out of being expected to give blow jobs. How is that at all fair?

Like I don’t really understand your intention behind sending this message, like if it was a joke or what, but I really don’t want to play into that line of thinking, even if you were joking. Especially if it’s a joke, because I don’t find that funny. Right down to the wording, your message is sexist and perpetuates male privilege and patriarchal standards for women.

And yo, if this is a joke, I’m not exactly mad, just trying to inform you on how such a statement comes across. And even if it wasn’t a joke, I’m still not mad. Again, just trying to educate you one just how not cool this was so that maybe you can learn from it. Or whatever.


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